Tuesday, May 5, 2009

The last post ... here

We're so excited to announce that this is the last entry here at http://maryrosenbaumphoto.blogspot.com!!

You can find us now over at:

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Monday, May 4, 2009

Jennifer and Tommy: Wedding

As promised, here is the blog about Jennifer and Tommy's wedding in Nashville! The forecast threatened rain in the area, but it held off long enough for us to enjoy a beautiful afternoon and evening!! Getting to be a part of friends' weddings is the best for me ~ I just get so excited!!

A few favorite details:

The beautiful bride!

Tommy hanging out with his groomsmen who are all from Orange County ~ it was so fun to have a meeting of our 2 worlds ~ Southern California and Nashville!

After the ceremony ~ officially Mr. and Mrs.!

The reception was at one of my favorite Nashville locations, Hillwood Country Club:

I love this ~ it totally looks like Jennifer is floating! And maybe she was just a little bit ...

What a beautiful night for a great couple! Congratulations, you guys!!

Friday, May 1, 2009

Jamie and Shane: Engagement

I promise that we do actually shoot things besides engagement sessions! I think this is 5 engagement posts in a row? It's just that time of year ... wedding pre-season ... where we get to spend some more casual time with our couples.

I have to admit ~ I l-o-v-e engagement sessions. First, they are just fun for me because I get to spend some time with each couple before their big day. Plus, I feel like they are a fun "practice" for the bride and groom to get used to me and to having their picture taken.

Jamie and Shane's engagement session was great! We love having an excuse to hang out down at the beach. Their wedding is just a couple of weeks away, so I was so glad we could squeeze in some time with them. They were naturals in front of the camera and with each other ... I'm even more excited now about their wedding!!

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Jennifer and Tommy: Engagement

It was the summer before my sixth grade year and I was transferring to a new school ... yipes. My mom had volunteered to be our class "room mom" so we were planning a lunch date with the other room-mom-to-be and her daughter, Jennifer. I'm pretty sure I was shy ... and awkward. But the happy ending to the story is that Jennifer turned out to be great, and many sleepovers, days at the lake, and dance parties later, we turned out to be great friends!! Be thankful that all of my old film pictures are safely packed away at my parents' house ... I could definitely pull out some scary stuff from the middle school awkward phase!!

Fast forward just a few undisclosed number of years later after junior high (can we just call it 10?), it has been so fun to re-connect with Jennifer as we have both landed out on the west coast in CA. Although she lives North of us, she found herself a SoCal boy and married him last weekend!

As I've been working on their wedding images over the past few days, I realized that I never shared their engagement images from the end of last year ~ so what better time than now!

Here are a couple of favorites from our afternoon in Laguna Beach:

What's that? Oh, you want to see wedding images? Ok, ok ... I'll give you one sneak peak but you'll have to check back for the full blog in a few more days!! Enjoy!

Monday, April 27, 2009

Ashley and Scott: Engagement

Ashley and Scott's engagement session was another beautiful spring day. We got to shoot on the campus of Vanderbilt University where they first met ~ perfect! I love using locations that have personal meaning to the couple. It was such a great afternoon! A few favorites:

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Sarah and Kyle: Engagement

I was so excited for Sarah and Kyle's enagagement session. We booked their wedding over email, cancelled an earlier engagement session due to nasty weather, so it was long overdue for us to get together and finally get some hang out time! Luckily we had a beautiful day and had the best evening running around! We can't wait for their wedding in June!

I love these next two ~ spring is finally here!!

This was the last shot that I grabbed right at the end of our session ... and it's one of my very favorites!!

** Notice something a little different about the images in this post?!? That's not the only change we've got up our sleeves ... check back soon!!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Melissa and Chris: Engagement

I met Melissa about 3 years ago through our church ... we were both joining the same small group and were the "newbies" of the group together. I can't believe how the time has flown ~ it seems like just yesterday!

I still remember the night she casually mentioned that she had met a guy at the gym ... I was so excited for her! But not as excited as the day I got an email saying that Chris had popped the question while the two of them had been out for what she thought was a casual game of golf! It's been so fun to watch their relationship grow from the beginning and now leading up to their big day!

A couple of favorites from our afternoon together ~ I'm so pleased with how these came out!