Wednesday, May 14, 2008


While we were in Rosemary Beach, I got to hang out with one of the most precious little girls - McHaney! We did some shots of her around the Rosemary Beach area and also right on the beach, which was perfect for her as she LOVES the sand and water!

McHaney is turning 2 in a few weeks and is at that precious age of being just so sweet!

Her blue fishie dress was perfect for the setting. I love the beautiful back-lighting in this shot!

Her little profile is just precious!

In the courtyard of one of the awesome houses on the green:

As soon as McHaney saw the beach, she was gone! This girls loves her some sand!!

I love this next shot - barefoot on the beach with two fist-fuls of sand. What more could a girl want?

Sheer joy!!

What a precious girl and what a great morning at the beach!


Missy said...

amazing pictures mary!!!

Rachel said...

She is the most precious!!! You did a great job!