Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Cami and Erik: 4 Years!

As I've mentioned, we have lots of blogging catch-up to do so I thought I would start with one of my favorite shoots from 2008 that never made it to the blog!

Cami and Erik have been together for 4 years and wanted to do something special to celebrate their anniversary ~ what a great idea to do a photo session together! We had so much fun hanging out and getting to know them!

A few favorites ...

I was in love with the tall grass on this hill ... they totally worked it!

So this is about the point in the session that I squatted down for a shot and totally ripped my jeans open on the ... um... backside. It was a really great moment. I'll spare you the photos that my darling husband took but just trust me that we got several good laughs about it! Totally worth it for these shots, though!!

A couple more favorites ~ love these:

Cami and Erik ~ thanks for a great session and congrats on 4 years together!

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joann said...

great photos...and what a great thing for adam to do for you!! you get better all the time, mary!!