Monday, March 10, 2008

Fuimos a Mexico!

Si! Es la verdad! Esta fin de semana, fui a Mexico con mi esposo Adam y nuestro amigo Andrew. Que divertido!

Ok, ok - so it's been a while but I think my Spanish is still hanging in there?!?! It definitely got put to the test this weekend when I spent the day in Mexico with Adam and our good friend Andrew. It was my first trip across the border since I've lived in California. What a great day!

We went down with a local church in our area early Saturday for a full day at a local school that was about 45 minutes across the border. Andrew did a great job negotiating through some sticky traffic and questionable road signage. It was amazing to observe the culture difference just a few miles down the road. I was able to grab a couple of shots through the car window.

When I heard about this trip, I was really excited to get on board as it was something that I could really contribute to - they were looking for photographers to take pictures of children who will hopefully be sponsored by American families. Families can choose a child from their photos/profiles and help provide them with shoes, school supplies, and other basic needs. Adam was the foot measurer, Andrew was the scribe, and I took the photos so we made a great team!

I loved meeting each of the children and seeing their precious little personalities. They were all so sweet and grateful. Here are all of the beautiful kids I got to meet! (Be sure to click on the photo to enlarge and see them for real!)

Here are a couple of my favorites. This boy was trying SO hard NOT to smile! I think I won in the end!

This little boy was Adam's favorite - can you guess why?

I keep seeing so many of their little faces in my head and wondering where they will all be in 10, 20 years. Hopefully what we did this weekend will help make a difference in their futures.


Shannon said...

That is so great that you guys got to do that!

Robin said...

It WILL make a difference.

Katie and Shae said...

amazing pictures as always mar - i love the series of four of the anti-smiler
so precious