Monday, March 31, 2008

Laura, JD, and Matchbook Creative

I love finding fun ways to use photos from engagement sessions, and Save-the-Dates are a perfect way to use those fun casual shots. And now our capabilities for this type of thing are limitless due to the awesome guys over at Matchbook Creative who are hooking me (and all of you!) up. I'm so excited about our new partnership and am super pleased with the Save the Date that they designed for Laura and JD.

I love weddings that have a personal touch, so seeing that their reception is going to be in Laura's parents backyard, I'm extra pumped! Brian and Jonathan at Matchbook did a great job of designing this and incorporating their wedding colors to tie it all together.

Matchbook Creative is designing us a whole slew of great options for things like this, wedding invitations, birth announcements, Christmas Cards, etc., etc. Ooooo - I'm so excited just thinking about it all! And they take any custom orders so I have a feeling you guys are going to get to see a lot of great designs from them in the future!

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Melissa P. said...

that looks great! i can't wait to see (and order!!) more! :)