Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Katie and Landon Engagement: Nashville, TN

On our trip last week, we met another great couple whose wedding we get to be a part of - Katie and Landon! It was another sweltering day but luckily we were in the shade at Radnor Lake - a beautiful lake near Katie's house.

The tall trees made for some really cool lighting that I love in these shots:

**Favorite**! I love a girl who can rock the boots!

There were so many beautiful places to shoot!

After narrowly escaping a nasty patch of poison ivy (yes that's referring to me!), we headed over to Katie's house for a few shots around where she grew up.

In the back yard - I would live on this swing!

And they have an awesome back porch too!

Thanks for a fun morning, Katie and Landon! We're so excited to be a part of your wedding in December!


joann said...

so precious! katie you look so beautiful!! i love all those pictures!! great job, mary!

Melissa P. said...

these are really great...the ones at radnor look like they are in an enchanted forest!