Thursday, March 5, 2009

Josh and Kaitlin: Wedding

Adam and I quickly felt a connection with Josh and Kaitlin from our first meeting one day last year at a local Starbucks. They are a precious couple that we have quickly grown to love and we feel so honored to have been a part of their wedding!

I love the story of how they met ~ their younger siblings were dating and dragged them along for a double date. And, as it was told at the wedding, it soon became obvious that Josh and Kaitlin were the ones that were meant for each other.

It was one of those beautiful January days in California and these two were so surrounded by such loving friends and family throughout the day. But the best part of the day was watching them interact and love on each other. What a great day of celebrating their love!

Here are some of my favorite images from the day. Enjoy!


jesi haack weddings said...

i love the one with the tree! You do amazing work!

erin nolen said...

i love the tree picture, too! i also love the groomsmen shot. amazing work as always!