Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Kate and Johnny: Wedding

Kate and Johnny's wedding day was, well, not exactly as they had envisioned it. We had talked in the days leading up to the wedding of the beautiful outdoor surroundings at the church and how we would incorporate them into the photos. Kate loves the mountains and the church she chose was on the top of Signal Mountain, very near where her own parents were married and where she and Johnny got engaged.

We all woke up Saturday morning to rain and the thickest fog I have seen in a while. That wasn't exactly the plan, but looking back, the main thing that characterized the day wasn't the weather, but how incredibly ecstatic Kate and Johnny each were to be marrying each other ~ they each wore it on their faces all day long!

Oh, and the photos turned out pretty great, too ... here's a look at some highlights!

I love the feeling of the guys out in the fog ... so unique!

A moment of prayer before the ceremony:

Happy to be Mr. and Mrs.!!!

Love this!

First dance:

The highlight of the reception was when Johnny changed into a white tux and busted some amazing moves ~ a little preview of what the rest of the night was like!

Kate and Johnny ~ we loved being a part of your beautiful day! Congratulations!


Two First Names said...

Wow... I absolutely love the fog pictures, so unique and beautiful!! Way to go Mary!

erin nolen said...

the umbrella shot is breathtaking! LOVE it.

Heather said...

I love the fog and umbrealla pictures too. You do great work.

Ashleigh said...

yummy shots Mar! Love it.

Karey Michelle said...

lovey lovely pictures Mary!! i love the fog ones too, they are all so great! hope you are doing wonderful :)

Katie and Shae said...

great pics mary! as always, you never disappoint and always impress me! Kate - you are beautiful and what a fun thing to see your smiling face! would love to see you!