Thursday, April 16, 2009

A great workshop opportunity

There are a few moments that I can look back on that I know played an integral part in me becoming a photographer. One of those is from my senior year of college, sitting in my dorm room, and seeing Bryan Johnson's wedding photography for the first time. I was blown away and it made me want to pursue my love of photography more.

I know it's kind of late notice, but I wanted to give you guys a heads up about an AMAZING opportunity in Birmingham next week ~ Bryan and his team from A Bryan Photo are offering a workshop for photographers to learn more about shooting, running a photo business, etc. etc. I SO wish I could go!!

If you can at all manage to fly, drive, walk to Birmingham next week, it will be SO worth the effort. I have learned so many things from Bryan over the years that are an integral part of our shooting style and business. I can only imagine having 3 whole days to pick his brain!

Here's the workshop website to contact him to sign up ~ and will you send me your notes?


Renee said...


Oh...HOW I wish I could attend this workshop. It is just what I'm needing to get to the next level of play. Since my schedule doesn't allow this one, I am signing up to keep abreast of his travel schedule. Maybe he could even come to Nashville?

On another note, I am on the brink of purchasing another Kubota Action package and wonder which one you would suggest for my Action Package #2. I have loved Volume 1 and use it all the time, especially the Chocolate Syrup that you recommended.

Your photography continues to move my heart in a way that few other photographers do...I love that you are using the gift God has so generously given you.

Renee Yarbrough

A Bryan Photo said...

Thanks so much for the post! It really means alot!
I hope we get to hang out sooner rather than later.
Cheers and Thanks again.