Monday, October 22, 2007

Darcy & Adam

This past Saturday, we headed up to Pasadena for a couple of shoots - our first official holiday shoots for the year! After a stop at Sonic on the way up (strawberry limeade, please!), we met up with Darcy and her husband Adam. What a great couple - we had so much fun just running around town! I love Pasadena - there are endless hours of really great shooting locations so we were trying to fit as much as we could into one measly hour! The city has a great mix of old and new, so we shot a little bit of both! We started at the newly renovated City Hall - wow! What a gorgeous building!

And don't miss this AMAZING stairwell - I loved the banisters.

Just across the street from City Hall is a beautiful old church - how cute are these two?

And lastly, you guys know I love me a good weathered brick wall - this one was great and I love these casual shots of Darcy and Adam just hanging out and being them!

What a fun afternoon it was! We loved meeting and hanging out with Darcy and Adam and even finished the night with some A'Float Sushi that was SO good. We'll definitely be back for some more of that!

Check back soon for some highlights from Ben and Robin's shoot coming in the next week or so!

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