Wednesday, December 5, 2007

The Oliver Family

We had a great afternoon hanging out with the Oliver family. It was our first time to meet them, so it's always fun making new friends! They have 2 girls - Aubrey and Taylor Grey - and they're so precious! We started off with some family shots of the 4 of them. I'm torn between 3 shots for my favorite of them all together. I'm quite attached to all 3 of these shots (the one above and two below) and keep changing my mind about which is my favorite!
The oldest daughter Aubry was so much fun and quite energetic - she's at such a fun age. I love this one with her precious little belly button!

We also spent some time inside the Oliver house which was fun. Here's Aubry in her room! What a cutie!
And playing in the guestroom - this is one of my favorites from the whole shoot (and maybe from all of our Nashville shoots!):

When we first arrived at their house, I instantly spotted this amazing bowl in their dining room, and feeling adventurous, I asked if we could put Taylor Grey in it! I love how this one turned out and it's even more special as the bowl belonged to Erica's grandmother.

Erica loving on Taylor Grey:

Aubry's turn in the bowl - she may have just outgrown it, but we made it work for at least a couple of seconds to grab a quick shot!
What a fun afternoon playing with the girls and I'm so thrilled with so many of the shots!

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