Friday, June 20, 2008

Cate is 1!

I love shooting little ones right around their first birthday so it worked out great when Christen and Cole scheduled a session for their precious daughter, Cate! Cate turned 1 just a couple of days before we got together, so it was perfect timing!!

Cate is at such a great stage - old enough to stand and walk on her own but not too quick to run away from us! I'm sure that will change quickly . . .

Cate was so much fun and so good-natured, especially considering the hot, muggy day that we were shooting on!

She loves her teddy! She was so excited when Christen brought it out!

What a cute family - so happy together!

Sweet girl:


And all worn out after an exhausting hour of being so cute!

Thanks for a great afternoon!


Darcy said...


You are soooo talented! Every time I look at your blog (and the pictures you took of us) I am reminded of that. You do it all well but I love the photos you take of babies the most.

Darcy :)

Callen Martin said...

oh my!!! What a wonderful photo shoot of baby Cate!!!! All the pictures are SO sweet!!!

Shannon said...

Those are incredible! She is so darn cute. I just want to squeeze her!