Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Heather's Bridal Session

Well, now that Luke and Heather are officially married, I can finally share with you some images from her Bridal Session a few weeks ago - I've been dying to show them!

Saturday was an amazing day - we feel so blessed to have been a part of such a special event. Here's one sneak peak from the wedding but check back for the extended blog!

I've had several west coast friends be super confused when I mention bridal sessions. It's probably more of a southern tradition, but it's where we do a photo session just with the bride in her dress. They are actually super fun because it gives us a chance to get some fun images of the bride and it gives them a chance to wear the dress for a couple more hours! Perfect!

We had so much fun with Heather, her mom, and sister at her bridal session! Her dress was absolutely stunning and she just totally rocked it!

I like to do a mix of more formal shots and my typical more relaxed, casual shots for bridal sessions:

In her parents' house where the wedding on Saturday was:

Love this!

And a couple more interior favorites from the side stairwell:

As you can see, Heather was SUCH a stunning bride! I can't wait to show you more images from their wedding on Saturday!


Renee said...

Ah, are beautiful inside and outside. How thankful we are that you have walked a path that is upward and right. All the beauty that pours out of you has a light that will not be hidden.

Miss Renee

Missy said...

most beautiful bride ever. she looks amazing!