Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Laing & Todd

Our next shoot was Laing and Todd, whose wedding I'm shooting next October in Nashville - it's going to be so much fun and I'm even more excited about it after getting to meet them last week and hang out for a while! It was a perfect chance for us to get some casual shots of them together before the big day. I love shooting downtown when we're in Nashville - the old buildings have so much character that we miss here in the OC!

As usual, we ended up wandering the streets a little just to see what we ran into. Grey is my favorite color right now, so I instantly loved this building with the big graphic numbers - what a find!

We got so many great shots of the two of them just hanging out - I couldn't decide which ones to put on here! I particularly love these two:

I also got really excited when we came across a railroad yard nearby. We were hanging around, getting some great shots next to the trains, when a man approached us and informed us that someone might call the railroad police on us if we weren't careful. Really? The railroad police? He was very kind to give us a warning but I couldn't stop laughing at that in my head - it still makes me giggle a little! It was totally worth the risk of a run-in with the railroad police to get some cool shots like this!

Next October is going to be great! I wish it wasn't so far away! What a great time with Todd and Laing! Thanks, guys!

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