Saturday, October 4, 2008

Cooper and William

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I was so excited when my friend Rachel emailed me about getting some updated pictures of her family! I have known Rachel since middle school but have yet to meet her 2 precious little boys due to geographical constraints. What a fun afternoon getting to know her 2 boys . . . and getting excited about the baby on the way!

Rachel and Todd and growing #3:

Their oldest - Cooper:

And his little brother William:

Together (for a couple of seconds, at least!!):

When Rachel told me that their house is an original log cabin, I got SO excited to shoot in a unique location! And it was even better in real life than I had imagined! I couldn't resist a classic family shot in front of their home that they love!!

And a couple more favorites - Cooper in action:

Snuggle time:

Rachel and Todd - thanks for showing us your home and precious family! We had so much fun catching up and look forward to seeing you guys again soon!!

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