Thursday, October 16, 2008

Stacey: Bridal Session

The very worst part about shooting bridal sessions is that I have to wait and wait to show them to you! It's awful because I love shooting them and we have time to do some really fun creative stuff, but then I have to hold them until after the wedding for you guys to see.

Well, the waiting is finally over for sharing Stacey's bridal session with you! She and Don were married on Friday, so I finally get to show you how amazing she looked in her dress!

We started our shoot indoors with some beautiful locations:

I love a good staircase!

Another great, creative shot from Adam!

Then we moved outdoors. I have to give props to Stacey as we shot these on the day that Hurricane Ike was looming - the wind was blowing so hard and she just said "Hey - let's just go with it!" I love that attitude and think that these turned out so fun with blowing dress and veil!

In the garden:

We ended our session at this too-good-to-be-true barn! It was perfect - I love locations that are full of character and charm like this! I think I love every shot from this location, but I've forced myself to narrow it down to a few!


Stacey is just so much fun to shoot!

Check back soon for some photos from their wedding!!

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Kara said...

WOW! Those pictures are amazing. I am getting married this May and hope my pics look as good as they do!