Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Let there be music!

Well, after months of silence, I've finally added an amazing song to my website. It's by a friend of mine - ok, friend might be a little bit of a stretch - he's really a friend of a friend who I've met a few times: Andy Davis.

I've followed Andy's music for several years now since he was in school with Adam at Belmont University in Nashville (Go Bruins!) up until now. Andy just released a new album Let the Woman that's available exclusively at Barnes and Noble and also on iTunes. Be sure to grab it one of those two places - it's amazing! The B&N here in Cali had a whole little display for him on the counter and I got so excited to see it - I think the guy working there must have thought I was a little crazy! Anyway, I love Andy's style - super mellow and acoustic. His writing style is so powerful - there's just something about his music that's super poignant for me.

I've always been a music lover. There's something about music that can take a feeling, an experience, a story - and capture it in something a little more tangible. I hope that my photography can do the same thing.

So enjoy the new addition to the website and go to iTunes and get Andy's latest album!

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