Tuesday, February 5, 2008

The Armstrong Family

Oh - as usual, I'm embarrassed by how far behind I am on blogging as I still have shoots from November that I haven't gotten to! Ah!

Here's a precious one with a sweet little family that I instantly loved! We spent the afternoon with the Armstrongs at their precious little home and had so much fun with the boys! Hunter, the older boy, instantly reached out to hug me as soon as I walked in the door - how can you not love that? He has such a happy and affectionate personlity! What a sweet boy!

Caroline definitely has her hands full (literally and figuratively) with these two little ones!

I don't see how she does it. Here's a couple of shots of the baby, Drake. This first one cracks me up! He made that funny face at just the right second!

I couldn't believe how laid back and relaxed Caroline was! It's obvious that she's a great mom - it was cool to see her interacting with her two boys.

Thanks for a fun afternoon! It was great hanging out with you guys!

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