Monday, February 25, 2008

Marketa Irglova on Dreaming

Confession: I'm not a huge movie person. Which is a little ironic since it's Adam's passion.

But I still love the Oscars and love thinking about what I would wear if I got to go! This year, I had very little emotional investment in any of the categories except for one - I really really wanted Glen Hansard and Marketa Irglova to win best original song for "Falling Slowly" from Once. It's one of those slow character-driven films which I totally have a soft spot for, and after we watched the Behind the Scenes about how the movie was made, and how the two leads were cast, I was 100% sold.

Anyway, to bring this back to relevance, I was thrilled when they brought Marketa back out to give her speech after she originally got cut off and what she said really struck a chord with me:

"No matter how far out your dreams are, it is possible . . . Fair play* to those who dare to dream and don't give up."

I know it's not a new concept . . . follow your dreams - maybe it's more convincing when spoken with a Czech accent, but for some reason it just really gripped my heart. I YouTube'd her acceptance speech just to hear it again first thing today.

I whole-heartedly believe everything that she says and feel so overwhelmingly blessed to wake up everyday with the chance to pursue this dream of mine. Thanks for coming along on the journey!

* I asked my British friend Katie to explain what "fair play" means. She says: "It's difficult to explain but generally means 'good on you' or 'nice one'." I'm going to try to use this in a sentence today!

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Katie said...

I feel totally special and completely 'wicked' right now to have been mentioned by name on your blog. It's 'quality' of you to do that! Thanks.